First Aid Kits

We sell a wide range of First Aid Kits for every purpose and occasion - for the home, the car, the office, OSH compliant kits, sports kits, survival kits... you name it - we've got it!

First Aid Supplies

Do you have a depleted First Aid Kit? All your first aid supplies are available from Triple One Care. Top up your Kit from our online shop.

Specialist Products

Triple One Care can supply a varied range of specialist resuscitation, airway management, immobilisation and extrication equipment.


We provide training on all aspects of First Aid from Basic CPR to Pre Hospital Emergency Care and beyond....

Triple One Online

First Aid has traditionally been taught in a classroom style but at Triple One Care we know that people learn in different ways and at different speeds.


Welcome to Triple One Care


Triple One Care will ensure your business, organisation, company, school, club or home has the first aid skills and supplies on hand, to respond to incidents fast and effectively.

  • A First Aid Kit for every occasion
  • First Aid Courses
  • Comprehensive First Aid Supplies
  • Specialist Equipment & Medical Products
  • Medical Cover for any Event
  • Company First aid Consultancy
  • MNZ Ships Medical Stores Part 50 Supply & Servicing (approved)
  • Sporting Events First Aid Services
  • Conference-Employee-Sporting Group Seminars & Lecture Services


What's Special About Us?

All first aid services under one umbrella

From defibrillators and first aid courses to bandaids or replacement stock in your home cabinet. One contact, all services. We are the best!

Highest Level of Trained Staff

All ready and willing to pass on our skills and knowledge.

A commercial focus

Quality, service, reliability, flexibility and competiveness are our trade mark to success.

User friendly

  • Try our "Triple One On Line" First Aid Course
  • Check our kit contents for YOUR first aid compliance
  • FREEPHONE 0800 487 475 or e-mail

Extra value

We don't expect accidents and disasters to happen to us, but they do, and the simple truth is being prepared is the only way to face the future with confidence. Triple One Care, is both an innovative and award winning New Zealand company, with an unrelenting focus on being the best.


As a market leader we are quite simply "First in First Aid