Sustainability - Triple One Cares

Sustainability is the ability to establish a behaviour that can be used indefinitely. BECAUSE WE CARE Triple One Care is dedicated to decreasing our business carbon footprint.  We will educate employees, franchises and customers sustainable behaviours. 
We recognise that in the health industry there are unsustainable behaviours, examples are:  
We need aseptic products for wound care and for medicine delivery
We need large vehicles to transport casualties
We generate contaminated products
Technology may one day address these unsustainable behaviours, for now we will concentrate on behaviours that can support sustainability.
Check out our Sustainability Journey diary below:

Triple One Cares Sustainability Journey

Triple One Care decided to take a more focused approach towards sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint.

All managers advised of Triple One Cares commitment to ‘walking the talk’ concerning environmental issues and our developing strategy to support decreasing the companies carbon footprint. 

During Basic Life Support training, tutors were briefed on Triple One Care’s focus on sustainability.  Input requested from staff on what changes can be made in their regions to fit in with Triple One Cares vision