Compliant Kitchen Kit

The “All in one”  Compliant Kitchen First Aid Kit, ideal for all kitchen and foo
The “All in one”  Compliant Kitchen First Aid Kit, ideal for all kitchen and food preparation areas. Contains all your First Aid Requirements including Hi-Viz detectable plasters.
Accident Register
Action Plan First Aid Booklet
Antiseptic Wipes Lg, Non-alcohol
Bandage Crepe 75mm
Bandage Crepe 100mm
Bandage WOW 50mm
Burn-gel 10 x 10cm
Burnsheild Hydrogel
Combine Dressing Sm
Combine Dressing Med
Combine Dressing Lg
“Contaminated Waste” Bag
Content List
CPR Face Shield
Eyepad Dressing
Eyewash Container
Gauze Swabs
Gloves Disposable
Non-adherent Dressing Lg Notepad
Plaster Hi Vis 1mtr Plaster, Hi Vis
Safety Pins
Saline Irrigation 30ml Sachets
Shears Mini
Signage Emergency Numbers Signage Hep B
Tape Micropore
Tape Strapping 25mm
Tri-angular Bandage
Tweezers stainless steel