Auto Deluxe

Tradesmen, transport industry, outdoor pursuits

Our most popular kit for it’s comprehensive content and ease of locating product. An ideal size to fit into a glove box or suitcase.


Action Plan First Aid Booklet
Alcohol Wipes
Antiseptic Wipe Lg, No alcohol
Bandage Crepe 50mm
Bandage Crepe 75mm
Combine Dressing Sm
Combine Dressing Med
“Contaminated Waste” Bag
Content List
Cotton Buds
CPR Face Shield
Eyepad Dressing
Gauze Swab
Gloves Disposable
Non-adherent Dressing Sm
Non-adherent Dressing Lg
Plaster Fabric Strip 100mm
Plasters, washable
Safety Pins
Saline Irrigation 30ml sachet
Scissors, surgical
Syringe, irrigation
Tape Micropore
Thermal Blanket
Tri-angular Bandage
Tweezers s/steel