New Zealand Resuscitation Council (NZRC) - CORE Advanced for Health Professionals

CORE Advanced is for health professionals that may be expected to manage a resuscitation event. Professionals this may represent are experienced Nurses, Anaesthetic Technicians, General Practitioners, Dentists providing sedation (please refer to NZDA CORE courses), Paramedics, and Registrars.

Pre-reading requires the student to have access to “Resuscitation – A Guide for Advanced Rescuers”

at least 3 weeks prior to the practical session. The reference book is available from

The practical session is a full day (6hrs) finishing with a written assessment. Reading the reference book is strongly recommended.

Skills stations include:

1)     Practical skills of resuscitation

2)     Scenarios for the management of collapse

3)     Initial approach to trauma

4)     Medical emergencies

5)     Written assessment comprising of multi-choice questions

6)     Awareness of intra osseous access, ECGs and manual defibrillation, wave form capnography (as required).


Private courses can be arranged at the client’s convenience, at your venue or ours. Private courses can incorporate all levels of training including; Basic Life Support Skills, CORE Immediate and CORE Advanced. Contact us at or 0800 48 7475 for more information.


Triple One Care also offers the following NZ Resuscitation Council courses:

Basic Life Support Skills (BLS)

CORE Immediate


Basic Life Support Skills is a tailored course for health professionals requiring specific training in selected resuscitation skills. Skills and course length vary depending on career association or organisation requirements. Course details are arranged prior to a practical course delivery.

For more information on Basic Life Support Skills or to book a course press here.


CORE Immediate - Adult and CORE Immediate - Adult & Child is for rescuers who might be expected to manage the early stages of a cardiac arrest. This includes; nurses, midwives, anaesthetic technicians, radiographers, trained health professionals, dentists (please refer to the NZDA Core courses), hospitals, community health and emergency medical technicians.

For more information on CORE Immediate press here.


If you are a dentist we offer NZDA approved courses. For more information, please follow the links provided below.

NZDA – CORE Immediate Dental

NZDA – CORE Advanced Dental


Maximum People: 
6 hours